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You are far more than, simply, a one-life human...

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You have a rich realm, within, of an unusual kind of time. Most importantly, it is supple and pliable, not linear. It is from an ancient alchemy, of soul and spirit technology, which does not fit onto a regular clock. For this reason I call it 13 O'Klock. Imagine it to be a silvery trail, of golden breadcrumbs, you left to find your way back home to your innovative genius. This interior time is what I decipher in your synesthetic session.

Fathom that this rich realm, of 13 O'Klock, holds your heirloom history, where the fable of you is archived. Here, I interpret your adventures, quests, travels, roles, and, yes, star-crossed romances, from yesteryear. You see that you are far more than, simply, a one-life human. You hold astrological technology, as well, of creative computer codes, masterful machinery, and regal robotics. This mix, within your authentic alchemy, makes you a heavenly human. Also, there are codes of luminous lightning and timeless thunder, that strikes the force within, where magic happens, creativity increases, and epiphany's occur.

Also, in daily circumstances, you may unconsciously spark 13 O'Klock, where your magical moxie springs forth. These alchemical charges stream forth, from ancient locks and keys. At times, they quicken such events as déjà vu, inklings, hunches, intuitiveness, protective forebodings, etc. They are the mysterious ruminations from your belly button area, which holds your center of power. That's why, in your synesthetic session, I remind you to be the power that, first, bends and shapes, from within this ancient area. That way, your inner reality, reflects this confident command outward. You can become a lucid daydreamer, and, act upon your goals with open eyes.

My main focus is your rich realm of 13 O'Klock. It reveals your manifold majesty, plus, the amazing thing you have done, and can still do. Once upon a time, you rode the magic carpet of your imagination, upon life's manifold stage, of real make believe. That same force, of youthful zest, is the lightning and thunder of the Maker's Tool Kit, within. As you bend and shape, inside, your outer reality, automatically, becomes more supple and malleable. You fathom the Fable of You, as valuable and important, to your present goals, dreams, quests. Yesteryear's silvery trail, of golden breadcrumbs, brings you safely home, to the core continuum of your ancient alchemy. This enables you to act as a touchstone betwixt Heaven and Earth.

Please call, or, email to schedule your 13 O'Klock journey. It can be done, worldwide with Skype webcam-or, in person, within my local area of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, US. Your journey can, also, be done by phone.

Lady Angelique Synesthete, Virginia, Real Make Believe

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